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Types of Stress, Stay Stress Free

Types of stress, Stay Stress Free, According to APA (American Psychological Association), stress is of 3 types.

Do you know what is stress ? If yes than it’s good, continue to read and if you’re not cleared than read our previous article – Click Here

So let’s start types of stress and no. 1 is –

1. Acute Stress

Do you know it’s the most common type of stress!

It’s known as acute Because it’s our body’s immediate response to a challenge, event or demand and it triggers “fight or flight” response.

It may be positive or negative depending on the situation and how one handles them.

It’s often caused by reactive thinking.

For example, if you have recently been involved in an argument, you may have acute stress related to negative thoughts.

Or you may have acute stress that is about an upcoming work deadline, however most often when the thinking induced stress is reduced or removed the stress will subsides too.

Acute Stress is good or bad ?

Well as we already discussed before that every time it’s not negative, though it’s better than other two types of stresses.

Because Acute Stress causes sign and symptoms in the body, brain and emotions but does not causes the significant amount of damage as Episodic and Chronic stress does.

Are you suffering from it ?

Here is a good news for you, it can be easily managed.

However repeated Acute Stress can be harmful for your physical and mental health.

Isolated episodes of acute stress do not have any lingering health effects.

Severe acute stress such as stress suffered as the victim of a crime or life – threatening situations can lead to mental health issues.

2. Episodic Acute Stress

When acute stress happens frequently, it’s known as Episodic Acute Stress.

The individuals who frequently suffers acute stress often live a life of chaos and crisis.

People who are “worry-warts” or pessimistic or who tend to see the negative sides of everything also tend to have episodic acute stress.

There are two main personality types that frequently present with episodic acute stress –

  • Type A Personality
  • The “Worrier”

Type A Personality

Type A personality have excessive competitive drive, aggressiveness, impatience, abrupt.

They presents as reactive with hostility, and almost always a deep-seated insecurity about performance.

The “Worrier”

These are presents with almost incessant negative thoughts causing episodic acute stress on physical and mental health.

Because “Worry Warts” projects probable disaster .

How to know whether you are one of’em or not ?

Their thoughts are frequently filled with “What if…….”

They are generally diagnosed DSM-5 with generalized anxiety disorder.

NOTE – Episodic Acute Stress leads to more pronounced health issues such as, high blood pressure, heart diseases and irritable bowl syndrome.

3. Chronic Stress

Chronic stress is the most harmful type of stress.

If acute stress is not resolved, and begins to increase or lasts for log period of time, it becomes Chronic Stress.

Do you know if chronic stress left untreated, it can significantly damage your physical or mental health.

Not only this, it’s a irreversible damage that means can’t be corrected.

It can also be caused by a aversive experiences in childhood or traumatic experiences later in life.

Do you know, it can lead to suicide, violent actions, homicides, heart attacks etc.

It can stem from such things –

  • poverty
  • a dysfunctional family
  • a unhappy marriage
  • a bad job etc.

Battling Burnout

It’s the result of prolonged chronic stress.

once you reach a burnout state, it’s difficult to maintain motivation to work

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A Step To Better Health, Stay Stress Free
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