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Are You Hurting Your Health ?

Are You Hurting Your Health ? It’s very often that when you get up from your bed, you feel low! Do you feel the same ? If yes, stick with us and by the end of this article you will feel high absolutely not as high as drugs hahaha.

1. Loneliness –

8 Signs You're Hurting Your Health

Being lonely is something we all go through. Believe it or not, we all know at some point, we are not at out best.

The most common symptoms we all suffer is the time when we get up from our bed. We feel low, our attitude becomes irritating, usually we don’t feel to have any conversation.

2. Feeling of not doing anything –

We don’t feel to do anything, feeling of laziness and irritation. You may also suffer from mood swings, mild headache, feeling of weakness etc.

3. Depression –

8 Signs You're Hurting Your Health

It’s common misconception that if you don’t have many friends, then you’re lonely. However, there are many people out who purposely keep their inner circle small and prefer it that way.

Well, according to an study published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, the combination of a limited friend group with a feeling of isolation can contribute to a 65% increase in depressive symptoms.

4. Stress –

Are You Hurting Your Health ?

Though everybody has some amount of stress to deal wit, people who are forced to manage that stress sans a support system tends to do so poorly.

According one study conducted by us stated that, social support enhances a neuro-chemical response in the brain that makes it easier to handle being overwhelmed and conversely, a lack of support makes your reaction to stress all the more intense.

5. Eating Disorder –

When researchers from Penn State Hershey Medical Center analyzed the relationship between various eating disorder and loneliness, and found that “Negative interpersonal relationships, both real experiences and individual’s skewed perceptions, exacerbate eating disorders and feeling of loneliness.

6. Dizziness –

According to Medical News Today, one of the physical symptoms that accompanies anxiety is weakness and dizziness – and while this health issue may seems minor, but it can seriously get in the way of your daily life and activities.

7. Irregular Sleep Habits –

Are You Hurting Your Health ?

Do you know we have an Biological Clock already set into our brain to follow up our-self with daily life routine and activities.

When we sleep at irregular time, it don’t relax our brain, rather it excites it more and more and as a result of it when we get up from bed, we feel more tired, headache, feeling of tiredness, anxiety or may be depression too, so all you need to do is to stop or control over your irregular sleeping habits.

8. Catching Cold Easily –

A weak immune system is linked with feeling of isolation and loneliness. When you’re experiencing loneliness, you’re immune system shifts focus towards bacteria instead of viruses, causing you’re body to be open to viral threats.


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