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Brain Facts : Do you know that ?

In today’s article we will discuss about some amazing & fun facts about our brain, so let’s start our Brain Facts, Do you Know that ?

Brain Facts, Do You Know That –

  • Our brain weighs about 3 pounds.
  • You will wonder that about 75% of our brain is made up of water, Yes water

TIP No. 1 – Drink more water and try to keep your brain hydrated, that means dehydration, even in small amounts, may have severe negative impact.

  • Do you know that your brain contains approx. one hundred billion neurons, yes one hundred billion.
  • According to some studies it’s stated that we just use as less as 7 to 10% portion of our brain
  • How fast is our super model car ? You will surprised that information in our brain from neuron to other neurons and the highest speed is 250 Mph, surprised ? I know that.
  • Dreams, we all wonder about dreams, Right ? Dreams are believed to be a combination of imagination, psychological and neurological factors.
  • Do you like pain ? I guess no, none of us do that BUT do you know that our Brain can’t feel pain, it just interprets the pain signals sent to it, but it does not feel though.

Brain Facts : Do you know that ?

  • Do you know that your brain freezes too ! Yes it does. It happens when something you eat or drink something that’s cold. It chills blood vessels and arteries in the very back of the throat
  • Our brain starts getting smaller by age, after middle age.
  • During mummification, ancient egyptians remove brain through nose.
  • Do you know that we have an in-built Clock to set an schedule for you
  • Do you know that our brain can generate approx. 23 watts of power when awake
  • You will wonder that the blood vessels present in our brain are almost 100,000 miles of length.

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  • Do you know that everything we see in our dreams is what we actually already seen in our real life because according to some experts our brain can not create a new face, the all it can do is remember.
  • There is a very thin layer between love and hate.

3 F – Fear, Fight, Flight – Brain facts, Do you know that —

Whenever you are in a tough situation, your brain have to make a deal with it and the deal is – Fear, Fight or Flight also known as 3F (controlled by an hormone). Either you will feel fear or suppose situation are like a fight then your brain will decide that can you fight with them or not.

If your brain thinks it can then suddenly there will hormonal changes happens, your blood circulation will increase, heart beat increases and we starts taking deep breath so that we can take as more as oxygen or your brain will triggers that no i can’t fight with’em then we just ran.

  • When you hug someone, your brain get relaxed & when you kiss our tension goes away.
  • When we hug, oxytocin releases cuz it’s associated with social feelings.

Tip No. 2 – Always hug and kiss your loved ones or your crush.

Bottom Line :

The brain is a complex organ that researchers are still trying to decode. But experts have identified the limbic system as one of the main parts of the brain that controls basic emotions.

As technology evolves and scientists get a better glimpse into the human mind, we’ll likely learn more about the origins of more complex emotions.

“They say that the world was built for two/ Only worth living if somebody is loving you.” Dr. Mick

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Do you know that –

Love, like sex, is a rewarding and pleasurable experience our brains are wired to seek and enjoy . Love and lust are neurobiologically complementary and correlated, which makes evolutionary sense since they are both species-survival mechanisms. We copulate to have offspring and we fall in love to better care for them.

Love is blindness –

The frontal cortex is the center of executive functioning, judgement, and logic, all of which get thrown overboard in love. This is due to decreased activation in this brain area, which translates to a “suspension in judgement or a relaxation of judgemental criteria by which we judge other people” (Zeki 2007). We seek for people to love us in spite of our shortcomings; turns out they literally don’t see them! Or at least they judge them less harshly because their frontal cortex is drugged by infatuation. The neuroscience proves it, love is illogical.

What happens to our brain, when we fall in love: Brain Facts

In the beginning……. When you have butterflies in your stomach from meeting someone new, dopamine levels surge. All that dopamine gives you an extra thrill when you see your newly beloved, creating an intense craving to be around them. A neurotrophin called nerve growth factor accompanies all this euphoria and increases your emotional dependency. Lastly, serotonin levels drop, which cranks up the dial for desire. This chemical cocktail is why lovestruck couples can be so infatuated with each other. Studies show that the chemical concentrations brewing inside the brains of newly minted lovebirds are similar to those who suffer from OCD.

Years into love……

The longer a relationship lasts, the less dopamine is released. But that doesn’t mean the bond is dying. In fact, a molecule called CRF (corticotrophin-releasing factor) helps keep couples together. CRF is released whenever couples are separated; . In men, a molecule called vasopressin also increases. Vasopressin is linked to territorial behavior, and it may explain why, in healthy relationships, men feel loyal and protective of their partners (while in unhealthy relationships, they’re possessive). Vasopressin also promotes fidelity. When scientists inhibited vasopressin receptors in prairie voles, the usually faithful animals became rampant cheaters. 

Tip No.3 – So if you are in a long distance relationships don’t overthink and over doubt your partner, everything will fine just love em.

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