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Everyone Are Under Pressure Except India

It’s 3’rld week of quarantine here in California, United States and no one knows how long it will be. Every country are under a high tension and high alert where as India seems to enjoy Corona as festival. Everyone are under pressure except India.

In India the situation seems to be under control except for the “Tabilighi Jamat Infected ‘ persons traveled around the country in many states and become the source of infection. ( Source – Times Of India, AlJazeera )

India showed very less number of corona positive cases with a different trend as in the rest of the world people in age group of 40 to 70+ are more infected whereas India showed only 17% of Old age positive cases and 68% from 21 to 40 .

WHO warned India again to increase it’s Testing Capacity from 10,000 to at least 25,000 as soon as possible and also to test full of it’s capacity.

Man from Pune City of India built Portable Ventilators and getting an insight from around the globe and getting center of attraction as many countries like Unites States and Italy, Spain etc. are running out of ventilators.

Italy is getting a little control over corona as they reported a fall by 15% as compare to the same day of last week.

Situation in Spain are getting worst as death toll is increased by 11% as compare to last week.

United States reported more then 300000+ positive cases so far and still counting, and more then 4500+ deaths are reported so far. California and New York are the two main hotspot in U.S.

Note – Please keep in mind that all the data provided here are based on third parties research partnered with us and as the data are changing very second so please don’t hold on the above data , all the data provided above are till the 1:01 PM , local time San Diego, California.

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