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How To Develop Skills ?

What is that truly differentiate one person from other ? It’s their skills to perform an task better then some one else. In today’s article we will discuss about How To develop Skills ?

How To Develop Skills ?

No doubt everyone wants to have a fulfilling career, But what do you think you need to have it ?Well there are many answers but in my opinion the two most important things which matters are –

First and very important, You should follow your heart. Following your heart means working on something that really matters to you, which makes you feel happy. And the second you should live your fullest potential.

Why Do We Need Skills ?

Probably now you might be thinking that, we know that but why do we need skills ? Do we really need skills to achieve our fullest potential ?

The answer is Yes because the key to live your fullest potential is developing your skills. Everyone on this earth is not a doctor right ? Even not every one tries to be, right ? Have you ever wondered why ?

Because we all are different though we all are human beings but we all have different potentials different skills, for example i’m a good writer but some one of you is a good singer or dancer.

You are good dancer because you have good skills of how to dance same as i’m a good writer because i have good skills to write, here our skills are the key factor which differentiates both of us.

Do you know that more we develop our skills, more we will perfect in that. This is why it’s important for all of us to sharpen our skills and the best way to do is by learning.

We can learn from an successful personality, or an well experienced person etc. and ya you can also learn from our blog too because as you in our this article we will discuss in brief about how to develop your skills ?

How To Develop Skills ?

Here are my personalized tips to develop your skills –

1. Always Be Curious –

How To Develop Skills ?

Curiosity is essential because it makes the process of of developing skills much more.If you’re curious, you will naturally want to know more simply because it’s fun.

What are you thinking ?

This that how to be curious ? Here it’s

  • Don’t say something is boring
  • Make asking a habit, always ask questions to your teacher, classmates, friends etc.
  • Make things fun

Always remember, more you ask about something more you gonna remember about that. So from today on wards develop habit of questioning as more as you can but that should be relevant. Well the relevancy thing i leave on you lol because i know you’re smart enough hahah.

2. Develop Your Learning skills –

How To Develop Skills ?

Learning skill should be the first skill you should develop because it greatly helps you to learn other skills.An essential ingredient to have good learning skill is motivation. May be some of you are not getting my point, wait lemme explain –

Suppose if you like science and i force you to learn history, can you remember history that easily in compare to science ? I think you can’t because your interest is in science and you motivated yourself to do that.

Remember one thing i told you in very first – You should follow your heart. Because this is the place from where actually motivation comes from.

Besides there are many books that can help you hone your learning skills but two that i personally recommend are – “Accelerated learning for the 21 century” and “Learn More Study Less”

3. Be A Versatilist –

How To Develop Skills ?

A versatilist is someone who can easily adapt itself according to the situation and respond accordingly by quickly developing the necessary skills.

Being a versatilist means being a smart learner who knows what to learn and how to learn quickly.

4 Find Your Role Models –

It will be easier for you to grow if you have concrete examples of what you want to be, this is why it’s important to find your role models.

Your role model gives you a standard to achieve so that you know where and how far you should go in developing your skills. It will also motivate you since you know that someone has already achieved such high standard.

Or the best way is think how good will be your life when you have achieved your goals then come back from your dream and work hard to make that moment real.

5. Live Your Life

How To Develop Skills ?

We all at some point push ourselves so hard to achieve our dreams that we forget to live our Present for our future. You should not do that. Love every single moment of your life because you’re very lucky to live this moment not everyone is that much lucky.

If you want to know how much precious your life is go to a cancer hospital and meet to the person who is in the last stage of cancer and have very few moments and ask him whether he wants to die or live! Never let yourself feel low or down never underestimate yourself.

6. Be Yourself

How To Develop Skills ?

Be yourself, never try to like someone else because you will never. We all are unique, no one is dumb on this earth. Always remember we all are here due to some cause and for some cause. Always be yourself because you are born to do something you specialized in not for something that i’m doing or someone else.

7. Don’t Laugh On Other’s Failure –

Never laugh on someone’s failure rather learn why he /she failed and avoid that thing to avoid failing. There is one popular quote – “Learn from other’s mistake because life is too short to make mistakes and to learn from them”

8. Shorten Your Learning Cycle –

The speed of your developing skills depends on the length of your learning cycle. The shorter your cycle is, the faster you will develop your skills. Here are some ideas to shorten your learning cycle –

  • Make quality efforts
  • Measure comprehensively
  • Act upon the feedback

9. Set Very Specific Goals For What You Want To Master –

For every new skill you want to master, you can find hundreds of books, online courses, coaches etc. That can be very intimidating because “In a tyranny of choices and options, we tend to do nothing in the end” . That’s something you want to avoid.

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