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How To Improve Your Sex Life while You’re Stressed

Sex is a great stress reliever, but itself stress can negatively impact on our sex life. In today’s article we will discuss about How To Improve Your Sex Life while You’re Stressed.

How To Improve Your Sex Life while You’re Stressed

1. Talk To Your Partner –

Your partner may not be aware that you’re feeling stressed.

So by acknowledging that worry may be causing sexual issues is the first step to regaining your sex life.

It also must encourage your partner to take some responsibilities off your shoulders.

Research has shown that sharing the chores is one of the secrets to a good relationship, as getting help at home can help you feeling less tired and more in the mood for sex.

2. Make Time For Sex –

Sex isn’t just about penetration, making time for sex play and to feel sexual is essential, and doesn’t come with the “stress” of feeling that you need to achieve orgasm.

Enjoy prolonged foreplay, intimate massage or just kiss and cuddle to lower the stress level.

How To Improve Your Sex Life while You're Stressed

Finding time for sex can even relieve stress. Quick sex is a great boost for your mood so set the alarm 10 minutes earlier.

If your stress level starts to creep up later in the day, just think about your pleasurable wake up call!!!

Well you may doubt this, but it will really gonna help you as well reduce your stress level.

3. Ditch The Technology –

Finding time to have sex can be difficult in our busy lives, but if you’re sending work emails and your partner is watching TV, there is even less chance of it happening, as your mind will be on other things.

A recent US survey found that 12% of American Mothers use their mobile phones during sex and they weren’t taking naughty photos!!

One in four of us text before we go to sleep and over one third of people take their laptop to bed, so make sure you don’t fall in to that trap to avoid stress before bedtime.

4. Get More Sleep –

Stress can affect our sleeping patterns, but a good nights sleep keeps our sexual engines humming.

“Healthy people who have good sleep patterns are going to be more open to being sexual”.

5. Look After Your Physical & Mental Health –

You may find yourself drinking too much or overeating when stressed, but a balanced diet will make you feel happier and feel happier and more confident inside and out.

Additionally, people who exercise daily have increased stamina and enjoy better sex lives.

All forms of our exercise boost our endorphins, feel good hormone, which can increase your libido and reduce stress level.

It can also improve your circulation, increasing blood flow around the body, especially to the genital area, boosting sexual function and quality of orgasm too.

Relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, and having a hobby you really enjoy can help.

6. Talk To Your GP –

Simply recognizing stress as a contributing factor or the cause of sexual problems can be enough to help you.

Just talking to someone outside our family can help us put our life into perspectives and bring about change to your health and your relationship.

7. Communicate Your Fears and Desires –

Sexual problems will lead to loneliness and hostility if you don’t share your feelings with the person you’re with.

Since the majority of sexual problems starts from the brain, and are typically the result of anxiety and stress, that means both of the partners should figure it out in the way which works for both of them.

Simply sharing anxiety, stress and depression with someone is often enough for recovery.

8. Boost Your Energy Level –

Certain vitamins, herbs have been shown to increase libido, as well as keep the reproductive system in good working manner.

9. Set The Mood –

How To Improve Your Sex Life while You're Stressed

Getting in the mood for sex is not that easy as turning on a light switch.

Some of the best mood-setters are soothing music, aromas from scented candles that stimulates the senses, lighting that provides a romantic atmosphere.

Another best option is a massage, and the reason why is here – because it triggers the relaxation response and induces emotional well-being.

10. If all else fails, Consult A Physician –

Recent advances in medicine have produced astonishing success in treating sexual dysfunction.

For some peoples have problem to reach to a doctor and find it difficult to talk about their sexual dysfunctions, but don’t worry, now a days it’s very easy to book an online appointment and get online counselling right from your phone.

A Word From Us

Although an imbalance between sex and stress hormones can play an important role in causing sexual problems. The major factor is negative conditioning created by stress itself. The three most common sexual problems are erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and frigidity. And guess what, all these three are end result of stress, anxiety, fear, depression. But the good news is, these all can be treated well, so don’t stress your mind and try to make things.

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