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How To Reduce Stress At Work-Place ?

According to research, the percentage of Americans who are stressed at work is high, and is getting high only. In this article we will discuss about How To Reduce Stress At Work-Place ?

Unfortunately, work stress has significant health consequences that ranges from the relatively benign – more colds and flu’s – to more serious like heart disease or metabolic syndrome.

How To Reduce Stress At Work-Place ?

Before we go ahead, first, let’s know What are the common sources of work stress ?

  • Low salaries
  • Excessive workloads
  • Few opportunities to grow
  • Lack of social support
  • Not having enough control over job related-decision.

Effects Of Uncontrolled Stress –

Work related stress just don’t disappear when you head home for the day.

When stress persists, it can take a toll on your health & well-being.

Because, a stressful work environment can contribute to problems such as headache, stomach ache, disturbed sleep etc.

Whereas chronic stress can result in anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure and weaken immune system.

How To Reduce Stress At Work-Place ?

1. Track Your stressors –

Keep a journal for a week or two to identify which situations creates stress for you and most important “how you respond to them”.

Taking notes can help you find patterns among your stressors and your reaction to them.

2. Form Positive Relationship –

How To Reduce Stress At Work-Place ?

Share your thoughts and get things off your chest.

Develop friendship with co-workers.

Lean on your Friends and Family for support.

3. Get Enough Sleep –

How To Reduce Stress At Work-Place ?

Aim for 8 hours sleep each night at least.

Turn off screens one hour before you go to bed.

3. Prioritize and Organize

Feeling overwhelmed is a major stressor.

A great way to make major reduction in your stress is to learn how to handle stress at your work by prioritizing and organizing.

Clarify Goals – Before you prioritize, you have to set clear objectives.

Focus on 2-3 things Max – There’s an old saying “if everything is a priority, nothing is a priority. Focus on the “biggest levers”.

Set Deadlines – As a general rule, if a task doesn’t have deadline, it will get pushed aside for one that does.

4. Kick Your Bad Habits

Managing stress at workplace is partially about your mindset.

Your outlook can have a huge impact on your ability to cop with everyday stressor.

Stay Positive – One way to do this is by expressing your gratitude.

Resist Perfectionism – Don’t fear mistake, but learn from them.The desire to be perfect can spike your stress and your self-worth plummet.

Focus on what you can control – Do you know, much of the anxiety we experience is over the uncertainty caused by the things we can’t control. So just focus on the things you can control.

5. Eat Healthy and Nutritious Food

How To Reduce Stress At Work-Place ?

Have you ever heard the phrase “eat your feelings” ?

It’s a real phenomenon, many people turns to unhealthy “comfort foods” as stress management at work.

Now you might be thinking that, what’s the problem with pizza/ice cream/burger etc. ?

Here is why, because sugar or these food make us feel lethargic, and less likely to tackle the problem that lay before us, which in turn just gonna increase your stress.

Not sure what to eat ? Here are some tips: Eat –

  • complex carbs like whole wheat bread or pasta and veggies
  • high fiber food
  • superfoods like kale, dark chocolate and blueberries
  • lean protein like chicken or Alaskan Salmon

Try to avoid :

  • Food high in fat like cheese, red meat
  • Refined carbs or artificial sugar
  • Caffeinated drinks like coffee and soda
  • Nicotine
  • Alcohol, because it’s a natural depressant.

6. Start Exercising

With it’s mood boosting and endorphin releasing properties, regular aerobic exercise is a natural stress reducer.

Exercise’s ability to elevate mood is well documented.

7. Be Clear On Requirements

A factor which contributes to job burnout is unclear requirements.

If you don’t know exactly what’s expected of you, or if the requirements keep changing with little notice, you may find yourself much more stressed.

8. Stay Away From Conflict

Because interpersonal conflict takes a toll on your physical and emotional health, and because conflict among co-workers is so difficult to escape, it’s a good idea to avoid conflict at work as much possible.

9. Be Comfortable

Another surprising stressor at work is physical discomfort.

You may not notice the stress you experience when you’re in a uncomfortable chair for a few minutes.

But if you practically live in that chair when you’re at work, you can have a sore back and be more reactive to stress because of it.

10. Listen To The Music When You Drive Back To Home

How To Reduce Stress At Work-Place ?

Listening to music brings many benefits and can offer a effective way to relieve stress after work. Combating the stress of a long day at work with your favorite music on the drive home can make you less stressed when you get home.

11. Try To Control Your Schedule

Career pressure or personal expectations may push you to spend more time working than you would like to spend.

Controlling your schedule allows you to better manage yourself with your work, family and friend.

12. Use Personal Time To Relax

Don’t just zone out in the front of TV, use some of your personal time to try relaxation techniques.

How To Reduce Stress At Work-Place ?

Listen to a relaxing music, get a massage, or try focusing on a calming visual images.

13. Take A Break During Work Day

Remember those massage techniques ? Don’t just do them during your own time, take a break during the workday and treat yourself to a short massage.

14. Get Some Support

Accepting help from trusted friend or family member can improve your ability to manage stress.

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