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India Entered Stage 3 – Corona Update

The World Health Organization (WHO) has urged countries to test as widely as possible to test to curb the pandemic, but many Health Organizations shocked as Indian Authorities denied to expand it’s testing and have to face criticism from around the world and many sources believes that India has already entered in Corona Spread Stage-3 –Corona Latest Update.

Despite of criticism that limited testing could leave many hundreds and thousands of cases undetected.

India Denied To Test British Citizen !

Last week, when an British Citizen approached the hospital in the capital of India, New Delhi, was denied to test and she told she is not Indian and not eligible Under India’s Testing criteria and turned away.

Next day she again headed to the hospital and explained them that during her business meeting she might contacted infected person but the employee despite going for testing becomes rude and asked her to leave as she is not Indian and they won’t test her later she headed back to Britain.

Later when Indian Authorities faced criticism from Britain, Indian Authorities justified their restrictions stating that in order deluge of people from demanding testing.

Many researchers in India asked govt. to expand it’s testing but Authorities keep on denying and acting same as what China did during the early days.

So far India reported 471 confirmed cases as per the official time of ICMR, (EST).

Whereas many countries are expanding their testing capacity to get an exact approximate as per the guidelines of WHO.

Cases In U.S. (Updated today, EST)

Total Cases = 33,404
Total Deaths = 400
Under investigation = 32,416

California and Louisiana reported maximum cases ranging from 1000 to 5000 where as from South Dakota & North Dakota only 7 cases reported so far.

Ohio State reported cases somewhere between 100 to 500 and increasing. Meanwhile New York city reported 15,168 cases and is most crowded city in United State.

As per the some sources and an report from The New York Times, India is already entered stage third but pretending to be not and may cost to life’s of it’s citizens.

Cases in Italy (Updates Today, EST)

Italy reported new 607 coronavirus deaths today ( last updates 26 minuted ago) out of 63,928 confirmed cases, WHO warns pandemic is accelerating.

Now total number of deaths reached to 6,077 second highest after China and highest in EU region.

The number of reported deaths dropped for a second day in row, after on Saturday reaching to an all time high of 793.

As per the sources Italy is now unable to hand the situations due to limited supply of medical services.

Cyprus announces lock down until 13 April

“We are truly at war, and this isn’t won by enlisting our children to give or take lives by means of arms,” Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades said in an address. “Its a war which can only be won if we batten down the hatches.”

France reports 186 more coronavirus deaths, raising total to 860.

UAE asks it’s students abroad to return home within 48 hours.

Dutch govt. banned any kind of public gathering till June 21, previously allowed gathering of upto 100 people.

England death toll rises to 303

England reported 46 new coronavirus death and total 303 according to the latest report of National Health Services, England.

National Health Services also added that more then 50% are of age more then 50 and was suffering from underlying health conditions.

Cambodia reports 3 new corona virus cases, bringing total to 87.

India Entered Stage 3 - Corona Update

Netherlands reports 34 new deaths and 13 % increase in infection –

Total number of infections lead to 4,799 and death toll rose to 213, with mostly aged between 55 to 97 as per the latest news from Dutch health facilities.

An flight from Amsterdam Netherlands with 90 Indians were headed towards India but Indian Airport Authority denied to give permission to land on Indian soil and forced to make U-turn back to Netherlands.

There was total 90 Indian Citizens trying to enter their country but had to fly back to Amsterdam.

Please Stay Home, Stay Safe – General Advice from our President in Public Interest.

Our helpline is now open 16 hours a day from 7:30 AM to 11:30 for all U.S. Citizens.


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