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Is Stress Ruining Your Relationship ?

Is stress ruining your relationship ?

Relationships often faces challenges.

These challenges can bring stress and if not properly managed, can have serious risks.

Because stress make it difficult for you to have a good conersation.

Stress impacts our love relationships more than we are aware of or acknowledge.

Stress has become such a normal part of daily life that partners become immune to the symptoms and warning signs.

Even when a couple tries to ignore stress, it is felt and absorbed.

Also, “stress is contagious”.

Stressed-out couple fight more often, and quarrel, withdraw from each other, feel disconnected, sad and frustrated.

If you’re in an exclusive relationship and you are struggling with stress, it’s likely that your partner is also struggling alongside.

Do you know more than 67% of couples divorce, if one of the partner is suffering from chronic stress from a year or more.

Is Stress Ruining Your Relationship ?

In this article we will discuss How to handle your Partner’s stress ?

Recognize Stress Symptoms –

How does your partner act when when they’re stressed ?

Hectic schedules and everyday work life demands make it easy to become wrapped up in our own world.

But when we lose sight of our partner’s stress, then we are not communicating and are not connecting.

This is why it is imperative to make the extra effort to recognize when you’re dealing with a stressed partner.

Ask yourself. How does my partner show his or her stress ?

How do his or her sleeping habits, eating habits, mood, energy level or disposition change ?

Women, in particular, are more likely to report physical symptom associated with stress.

Approach Your Partner –

If you see signs of stress, ask your partner what’s going on in a kind and compassionate way.

For example, “Are you having a difficult day, honey”?

Show Compassion –

When your partner is undergoing stress, he or she become aloof and may withdraw emotionally or even physically.

This can leave you feeling lonely and vulnerable like you’re alone or unappreciated in your relationship.

And guess what ? Your instinct in this situation may be to withdraw as well and to treat your partner the way they are treating you.

This will not solve anything, because you are reacting instead of thinking.

This only erodes trust and pushes both of you further apart from each other, particularly if it is a behavior you engage in often.

What to do then ?

Rather than giving in to the desire to “let them see how it feels” and adding to the negative tension within the relationship,

Take a step back and show some compassion – not just for your partner, but for yourself.

By tending to your own need during these times, you will be stronger, more secure and better equipped to be the anchor that your partner needs.

If you or your partner have chronic stress, we strongly recommend you to visit Psychologist or book appointment here.

Listen –

We want our partner to understand and when we are listened, we feel cared for”.

Keep in mind that listening is a skill, and one that few people actually do well.

Get Talking –

One of the best way to deal with your stress in a relationship is to talk things out.

Your words can have power if you use them to understand how your partner is feeling and get and sense of where their emotional sate is.

Don’t assume you understand how they are feeling.

Instead, choose to talk as partners and also listen as much you speak.

You might be surprised how much you learn about your partner and how quickly you can work towards a strong solution together.

Choose your words carefully –

relationship stress can read its head through angry words and terse emotions.

Instead of succumbing to raw feelings, aim to let your partner say their thoughts without any sort of judgement on your end.

Comfort First –

Many partners forget to console their significant other and instead try to solve problem.

But “Comfort each other first”, and problem solve second.

That’s because your partner might be looking for stress relief rather than nitty-gritty brainstorming session.

Just hugging & gently touching your partner can provide that relief.

Get Active Together –

Participating in physical activities is one of the best way to reduce stress.

Create A List of Stress Reducing Rituals –

Let your partner write rituals which provide them comfort and try to follow them.

Ask your partner what you can do –

An important way of supporting your loved one is to ask them flat out how you can help.

For example – “Is there anything i can do to make your day go smoother”.

Check your stress temperature –

When both partners are stressed, comforting each other can tricky.

But calm yourself first then reach out in support of your partner.

Support each other in recognizing and taking stress temps.

When the temp is high, just like when a person is sick, he or she will need to do whatever it takes to feel better.

Encourage your sweetheart to take care.

Consider if there’s anything else you can do –

Of course you can’t ease your partner’s stress completely.

But you can pay attention to whether they’re happy and see how you can help.

Ask yourself, “Am i doing everything within my power to aid in my partner’s happiness”.

Understand Men & Women Reacts Differently –

One of the fundamental reason for this has to do with varying stress hormone.

When stress strikes, the body releases hormone like cortisol and epinephrine that raise blood pressure and circulate blood sugar level.

Oxytocin is then released from the brain, countering the impact of cortisol and epinephrine by relaxing emotions.

Men release less oxytocin than women when they are stressed, meaning they have a stronger reaction from both cortisol and epinephrine.

In many cases, a women’s identity and sense of self-esteem are both closely linked to her feelings of adequacy in relationships.

She is likely to appreciate feeling wanted, receiving expression of comfort and caring, and generally being taken care of.

Commit to striving for a healthy relationship no matter what difficulties may arise. Eliminates the exits and obstacles to healing and intimacy.

Always remember Quitting is not a option.

Accept other AS IS –

During stressful times relationships may be stained and critical. Shift your focus away from flaws and toward the qualities you like and appreciate.

Maintain healthy boundaries –

Protect your family and relationships from common invaders such as jobs, too much activity, intrusive family member or friends.

Plan for intimate encounter –

Don’t wait for it to just happen,.

Deepening relationship requires planning and effort, take responsibility for creating the environment as well as the mental and emotional state that will improve your connection.

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