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Tremendous Job Done By Indian Govt. To Stop COVID-19 but Indian Media Don’t want to Praise it !

Tremendous Job Done By Indian Govt. To Stop COVID-19 but Indian Media Don’t want to Praise it ! Another contribution of India to the world….. This time in the fight against the dreaded corona virus. Today we will see How Indian Govt. Stopped Corona Spread in India!

Tremendous Job Done By Indian Govt. To Stop COVID-19 but Indian Media Don't want to Praise it !

Despite sharing a border of 3,488 km with China, India has only reported 84 cases and 2 death – compare that with 604 cases and 12 deaths in the UK.

India is the only country in the world to evacuate its citizens 6 times (and counting) and evacuated the most number of foreign nationals.

The Indian Air Force evacuated a total 900 Indians and 48 foreign nationals including 58 pilgrims from Iran on the 10’th of March.

India is leading the fight against COVID-19 in the South Asian region , offering diplomatic, humanitarian and medical assistance to its neighbours.

A total of 56 Virus Research Diagnostic Laboratories have been set up in India to test its citizens.

But most of don’t know this as this insane level of efficiency hasn’t caught the eye of Media.

India currently has one of the world’s most efficient and reliable testing systems, reducing time for test result upto just 4 hours.

Iran, Afghanistan are requesting India to help them to set up testing facilities in their countries.

India has sent 6 top scientists to set up a make-shift lab and testing facility in Iran to test 6000 of its citizens because Iranian officials refused to test Indians.

India has provided 15 tonnes of medical assistance and other emergency medical equipment to China.

Not only in India or Indians, Indian Govt. also helping its neighbors like Maldives with a team of Medical Assistance for screening their peoples, and this is what India is known.

India has screened 1,057,506 peoples from 30 airpots and 77 seaports.

India become the first country to suspend all the visa. e-visa and visa free entry to India in order to stop the Corona breakdown in India.

Indian drug prices are among the cheapest in the world. Medbelle ranks India as one of the five countries with the lowest median price for drugs.

China had silenced the doctor who identified COVID_!( and he died 6 weeks later. China let this brew.

On the other hand, when Nipah virus was found in India in 2018, Indian authorities immediately reported it to WHO. 2000 quarantined and only 17 died in total. India would have never allowed it to become a pandemic.

But this is a sad part that still Indian Media don’t want to praise Indian Govt. and their Prime Minister Mr. Modi but well covered by International Media.

Note – We are not an news agency nor we are paid for this article this is just to Praise the tremendous efforts made by Indian Govt. which should be praised my everyone.

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