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What food you should avoid in stress ?

There are many food which helps you to cop-up with stress, while there are exact opposite also! What food you should avoid in stress ? Let’s descuss

When we experience stress on daily basis, our immune, endocrine and nervous system are adversely affected.

In fact, stress is one of the biggest risk factor for developing chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, inflammation etc.

Getting stressed too often and staying stressed for too long is detrimental to your health.


If you want to reduce stress, sugar is one of the first ingredient to cut out of your diet.

When you’re stressed, body releases more cortisol hormone, which is responsible for managing both stress & blood sugar level.

That’s because when you eat more sugary foods, blood sugar level spike, and our body will release more cortisol to balance blood sugar level.

The problem is that increased cortisol can also cause sleep issue, decreased immune response, headache and unhealthy food cravings.

Additionally, rapidly fluctuating blood sugar levels cause feeling that are similar to stress.

By limiting your sugar intake you can keep your blood sugar level stable.

But it’s not that easy that it sounds!

Because sugar is one of the most difficult thing to avoid and especially when we’re stressed.

And there is a psychological reason behind this and that’s When we’re stressed, our cortisol level rise.

And high cortisol level then sends a message to brain that we need sugar to sustain our energy in case we need to fight or flee from a life threatning situation.


Sugar is bad enough on its own.

But all too often, food product’s aren’t even sweetened with the real thing — instead, they are packed with artificial sweeteners.

These often causes headache, heart diseases and metabolic diseases.

And they can also result in an addiction to sugary foods by retraining your taste buds.

If that wasn’t bad enough, artificial sweeteners also have side effects that can lead to stress.


Processed, refines carbohydrates might taste good, but they’re not doing anything good to your body.

They have no/much nutritional value, and are actually worthless calories.

And they also lead to fluctuating blood sugar level.

May also cause mood swing or irritation.

These are rich in sodium.

Aside from making you extra thirsty, that extra sodium causes your body to retain extra fluid, which then force your heart to work harder to keep the blood pumping.

As well it can also increase the blood pressure.

Food in packages tends to be loaded with preservatives and unnatural ingredients.

And by consuming these foods, we are feeding our mind and body with nutrients that actually impairs our ability to tackle stress.


A glass of wine might help you feel more relaxed after an intense day.

But have much more than that and you’re likely negating any of alcohol’s health benefits and, instead, adding more stress to your life.

What food you should avoid in stress ?

That’s because drinking alcohol can increases the production of hormones that will leave you feel anxious and more stressed than before.

It can also increase blood pressure and heart rate and trigger those same stress-like symptoms in the body.

Lots of alcohol drinks are also packed with sugar, which means you will be getting double whammy of stress causing ingredients – first from the alcohol and second sugar.

Although you may think it helps you relax, but it actually works as depressant in your nervous system and disrupts your Deep Sleep by increasing cortisol level.

How to manage ?

If cutting out alcohol completely sounds too hard, the best way is ordering a wine spritzer at your next happy hour – it contains club soda and less alcohol.

Also remember to hydrate well, as well as sweat off the toxins that alcohol can put into your body.


If you can’t function without your morning cup of Joe, you don’t need to give up coffee completely.

But if you’re regularly drinking several cups each day, you’re likely to find yourself feeling more stressed than you’d like.

Too much caffeine can spell trouble for your adrenal glands by overstimulating the body.

It also cause a ris in blood pressure and heart rate.

But, don’t worry, your morning coffee is OK. Caffeine is not necessarily our enemy.

But like everything, when consumed in excess, it could have harmful effects.

By limiting coffee and tea to one or two cups per day and avoiding all caffeine in the afternoon, you’ll be better able to stay calm in stressful situations and enjoy a good nights rest.

Try To Avoid –

  • Ice Cream
  • Chinese take out
  • Pretzels
  • Cannes soup
  • Tofu
  • Wheat bran
  • Red wine
  • Diet soda

Reason is either they contains extra sugar or artificial sweeteners or refined/processed carbohydrate.

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